The world’s biggest search engine shakes up its algorithms

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Here are 5 things entrepreneurs can be happy about in 2015

1. Sales are at a high

Any business owner will tell you that life is good when sales are high. And that’s a sentiment highlighted in latest research from the NFIB, a trade group that represents small businesses. Wade said that the last quarter saw higher sales, helped by rising consumer confidence.

“That’s by far the best sign for a business owner,” she said.

She said that consumer spending is reaching levels unseen since the recession, which can only mean good things for entrepreneurs.

“Sales prospects are looking up,” the report said.

2. Energy costs are low

Falling crude oil and gasoline prices give small business owners something to big to cheer about, Wade said.

“Lower fuel costs are certainly helpful to small business owners and provides them with a big cost break,” she said. “How temporary that is I don’t know, but in the current environment that’s really helpful.”

3. Wages appear higher, but so are healthcare costs

Wages and healthcare costs are a little trickier to unpack, according to Wade. But, basically, Reuters reported Tuesday that wages are going up. While Wade said that employee pay is increasing, a lot of that can be attributed to more money being spent on healthcare benefits. It’s a detail that can be missed by the media, she said.

“That’s certainly good for wages and employees,” Wade added. “Whether it’s health insurance or wages, we’re not quite sure.”

4. With more Republicans in Congress, small business owners seem happy

In October and November, Wade said that the NFIB saw a substantial increase in general business outlook among entrepreneurs. “That was obviously right during the election,” she pointed out. “Owners were certainly optimistic about the results and how that might impact their business and the environment in which they run their business in the future.”

5. With the economy looking up, small businesses can scale up

Wade said that the stronger economy makes it a better environment for borrowing. What’s that mean for small business owners? Time to take out loans and grow. “We haven’t seen, so far, any red flags or problems in that area,” she said. “As we see it now, it seems to be a good environment for the small business economy for them purchase and expand.”

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Why You Should Hire a Web Designer Instead of Doing it Yourself

You’re a small business owner who has either just started out or you haven’t quite built up your business enough to afford large purchases. Maybe you are just very frugal and you don’t want to spend the money to hire a web designer. You might also think “Hey, it’s just hitting a few buttons, so how hard can it be?”. Whatever the reason may be, you are smart enough to know that you need a website, but you are weighing out your options. The best option would be to hire a web designer.

Hire a Web Designer So You Can Focus on Running Your Business

Instead of trying to learn website design, how to do things the right way, and doing the trial-and -error method of web design, hire a web designer. We are trained and experienced with creating great websites that help promote your business. Trying to build your website yourself takes your focus away from your business. We know what to do and what not to do to get you the results you’re looking for.

We Know How to Make it Look Beautiful and Function Well, Too

Web designers know all of the tricks and styles of different types of websites. We know how to make your site look the way you want it to. You won’t have to struggle to figure out CSS and why your site isn’t looking the way you envisioned it. We also know how to implement the functionality that you need, because chances are, that we have done it before on other sites.

Keep It Simple!

Instead of doing all of that, just hire a professional. I wouldn’t try to fix the transmission in my car by myself. That would be insane. Either I’d pay a mechanic to fix it, or it would site there until I could afford to pay them to it. The idea of trying to get in there and mess around is a nightmare to me. The point it, I’d do way more harm than good, and that is what would happen with your business. If the site didn’t look good, and didn’t work well, you would only be hurting your business and its reputation in the long run.

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Give it away !! Give it a TRY !! Yes it is considered ADVERTISING!!

If someone has the opportunity to experience your product or service, chances are they will want to purchase more. Don’t be afraid to give someone a FREE trial or a sample. In today’s economy, people are more comfortable purchasing something they have been able to experience first. Look at it and consider Advertising. Many small businesses today don’t realize or believe they shouldn’t have to or don’t want to work for FREE I get it!! But thing about how much you spend on advertising or don’t spend and look to give your services to RIGHT PEOPLE there grateful and will brag and promote your business to there family friends and neighbors. I recently worked with a small Pizza Shop that was ready to close do to lack of business and lack of FUNDS to Advertise!! I suggested after meeting with them and trying there product Yummy,to make pizza and hand deliver to people in the local area allowing them to try there product and BAM !! the phones were ringing and still are. Need help or suggestions on how to save or grow your business call 732-308-3811 The Greene Touch can help the call is FREE..

Why the Internet Is Important in Business?

As the 21st century continues, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine how business can be conducted without the Internet. The Internet has transformed many areas of the business arena, and especially communication. By drastically reducing the time required to transmit information over both long and short distances, the Internet has made itself indispensable for commercial endeavors.

Marketing and Advertising

  • The Internet has become an essential marketing and advertising tool for businesses. Some businesses do not exist in bricks-and-mortar form, and therefore the Internet, in the form of a website and online advertising, represents the entire storefront they present to the buying public. Other businesses use Internet advertising to supplement newspaper and radio advertising or in store promotions, especially when targeting younger potential customers.

    Image Building

    • Most savvy business owners of both large and small ventures recognize the importance of establishing a Web presence through a website. Along with their own websites, some businesses have attempted to engage themselves in the social networking phenomenon (called Web 2.0), which began to escalate in the late 20th century. By establishing profiles on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, businesses attempt to execute “soft” marketing to enhance their image with potential customers or clients as well as the general public.


      • Additionally, the Internet has made it easier, faster and less expensive to process payments and other transactions essential to businesses. Looking to grow your business as every business owner knows you need to Spend Money to make Money. The Greene Touch has years of experience helping businesses accomplish this. From Website Design to SEO and SEM call for a FREE consultation 732-308-3811 Located in Central New Jersey but servicing all counties Monmouth County , Ocean County, Middlesex County, Bergen County, Atlantic County and all of the Tri State area and beyond. We have done Websites for clients in most states even as far as Hawaii.

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Need a Custom Website? We create custom websites that meet your requirements & fit your budget

I can’t tell you How many times I have you heard stories of people who hired web firms to design and develop their web sites and either got substandard sites or the developer ran off with their money? Or what about the entrepreneur who “hired” his nephew/friend/daughter to design the site for free, and the results were disasterous and this small business owner didn’t feel comfortable offering much constructive criticism on a job done for free?

When you hire a web firm, your job as a savvy consumer is to make sure your web firm has the right components as well as the answers to several questions before you give them your hard-earned money. Here are some things to look for and questions to ask, as well as a few red flags to watch out for:

Your web design firm should be a real business. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they need a big office and overhead. What it does mean, however, is that you should probably avoid hiring your family members, friends, and “that guy you know from church” as your web developer. You need a business relationship with your web team for many reasons, including so that you can feel comfortable negotiating, providing honest and critical feedback, and being straightforward if there’s ever a time when you aren’t happy with your firm’s work.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. You should be able to get a couple of client names and phone numbers from sample right on there website so you can talk to real people and get a solid feel for what it’s like to work with this team.

Question to Ask: Will you design my site from scratch or use templates?

A strong web design firm will design an original site for you. They won’t send you a site design that looks generic, or that is based on a pre-fab template. Price can be a good indicator for whether your team is using templates or original designs. If the estimate for your site is under $1,000, it’s more likely that you’re not getting an original design. However, I’ve seen several firms charge what I consider a ridiculous amount of money to provide a pre-fab template site.

Why is a template bad? You want your web site to stand out as original and distinct. Your site should be designed to carefully reflect your brand.

The Most Important Thing You Should Know:

Your contact at your web firm should be able to talk to you in your language, but also be able to easily converse with the programmers. You need someone who can explain things that you don’t understand without being condescending, and make web principles you should know accessible. Customer service is paramount in the web industry, and you want someone who will return your e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner.

These are a few tips to help make your company website purchase a little easier stay tuned for more great tips to help Keep You In TOUCH !! Website Design starts at $399.00 

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What do you use google for ??????

Good question I use it for just about everything everyday, I search for cars, houses,home improvement ideas and so much more. I often find myself just browsing. What do you look for and search for I would love to hear from you. I most recently was looking for instructions to a new safe I bought that happened to have no instructions in the box and BAM got them. If you are in business and don’t have a website or a website that is not current or helpful you are losing business. Remember to add content that is useful and customers will visit and return. Don’t just BRAG about how big and good you are no one cares. People are looking for info give it to them. Need a WEBSITE or UPDATE your existing WEBSITE call The Greene Touch 732-308-3811 we can HELP… It’s what we do

Making sure that your Business is seen in the Viral World. Even in Cyber Space, It’s all about Location, Location, Location.


Still not sold on SEO? Here’s some statistics provided by Search Engine Journal, the leading publication on search engine news:

75 percent of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results.
70 to 80 percent of users ignore paid ads, focusing on the organic search results.
70 percent of links search users click on are organic.
Search and email are the top two Internet activities.
Search is the No. 1 driver of traffic to content sites.
SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
For Google, 18 percent of organic clicks go to the No. 1 position, 10 percent to the No. 2 position, and 7 percent to the No. 3 position.
For Bing, 9.7 percent of organic clicks go to the No. 1 position, 5.5 percent to the No. 2 position, and 2.7 percent to the No. 3 position.

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